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The will to whore
Is it in you?
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11th-Feb-2006 04:58 pm(no subject)

As you know, The Famewhores has a repertoire of catchy slogans and mottos, such as

The Will to Whore: Is It In You?


When In Doubt, Whore Out

designed to cleverly convey our special philosophy to the world. To this I would like to add our newest tagline

I Whore, Therefore I Am.

25th-Jan-2006 08:40 pm - Listen up famewhores
rocknroll queen
we've got competition:

Eden_Seattle asked:
Will you write me a poem? my name is Eden

there was a young woman called eden
who always was needin' a feedin'
she ate loads of chips
and savoury dips
until her pink gums were a bleedin'

dang s0n, we need to learn to spit lines like that for some adoring fan.

example number two why Franz Ferdinand are the male Famewhores:
Eden_Seattle asked:
Will you write me a poem? my name is Eden

Eden, Eden, Eden,
Please don't be 'a leavin',
Eden, Eden, Eden.
19th-Jan-2006 10:24 pm(no subject)
You know, The Famewhores should record our own Podcasts. It would be an great way of letting our fans in on up-to-the-minute band info, and plus, we all have iPods, so we can listen to and appreciate our own cleverness anytime we want.
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